Upcoming Events:

Alchemy: The Georgia Burn
Nerdy Psouth will be debuting it’s first theme camp at the Alchemy Georgia burn this year. We are striving to provide a truly cutting edge psychedelic experience, complete with UV deco and the best of psytrance from the Southeastern US. All this requires the Nerdy Psouth family to provide soundsystem, generators, lighting, fuel and all other necessities 100% out of pocket. Even our artists will have to purchase their own invite to get in, just like yourself. We are humbly asking you, the true psychedelic trance enthusiast, to donate in any way you can to help make this a truly memorable experience for us all. We thank you in advance for any contribution you can afford and we will see you at the burn!
Love & Light

Previous Events:

Our friends at Tennessee EDM have managed to put together a 100% psytrance room pulling most of the Nerdy Psouth musicians and some other excellent southern talent. For those interested there is also a non-psy main room. See the details below.

..:: Christmas at Ground Zero ::..

Tennessee EDM is bringing some holiday cheer with another 12 hour long, all ages lock-in featuring 19 of the top regional DJs!

Oh did I forget to mention the second all psytrance UV room? Yes we will be bringing down all of the best psytrance DJs from the area to spin for you in there very own tripped out UV lit psytrance room!

..:: Tennessee EDM presents ::..
…Christmas at Ground Zero Rave!!!

Location: Avenue 9
Price: $10 presales, $15 at the door.
Time: 6pm-6am
Age: All ages, all night!

Presale tickets at
(You may check out with a credit/debit card or Paypal.)

Bad Robotz! (Wes Kane & Daniel Steel) – Electro Breaks
Dorian – Glitch Hop
Oreo – Junkyard
Wrecktal Destruction – Happy Hardcore
Heretic – Dubstep
Squake – Liquid D&B
Papa Bear – Acid House
Turtle Matt – US Hardhouse
Audiobot – Glitch Hop
Wobbly Static Rainbow – Dubstep
hAmbOne – Jump up D&B
Underlay – House

Krikett – Twilight/Suomi
Koji – Full on/Goa
TwarpD – South African
Andaaza – Dark Soumi (Live)
Treffen (formerly known as Aeros) – Psybreaks
Clinton! – Darkpsy/Chill
Froghoppah – Full on/goa

..::Tennessee EDM & Nerdy Psouth Present::..
Cosmic Blast! Oct 16th, 2010

..:: INFO ::..
Limbertimbre and Bodhisattva 13:20 (Psycircle, Mind Tweakers Records), two of California’s largest Psytrance acts, will be performing in Tennessee for their first time under their combined project, Battery Leak. Get ready to have your minds bent by some of the craziest psy you’ve ever experienced! This duo brings us a highly energetic and innovative psychedelic music symbiosis that is guaranteed to help you find your spirit animal and roast it over an open flame.

This is a psychedelic, out of this world, space themed event! If you attended the last field event I am sure you can remember the night sky.

This event is all ages, but we will be checking IDs at the entrance. People under the age of 18 will not be allowed to leave after midnight. Underagers can not leave unless they’re accompanied by a parent, guardian, or family member. In and outs are highly discouraged!

Bring everything you need to survive 24 hours in a large field. Bring a tent, food, water, and a couple of trash bags to contain your waste. We will have porta-potties this time so do not worry about that part. Extra TP might be nice just in case 😛

We will have a concessions area set up selling water and glow sticks. $1 per bottle of water and $1 per glowstick.

..:: LOCATION & PRICE ::..

This is a leave no trace event. That means everything you bring needs to be taken out with you when you leave. Please bring trash bags to contain your stuff. We will have multiple trash cans set up also.

Location: A field slightly passed 303 Jenkins Cemetery Rd, Centerville, TN 37033
We have mowed a 4 acre section of the land this time so there is plenty of room for camping and parking. We will also have the fire pit dug out and an all night bonfire going. If you have any issues locating it please call 615-866-5686

Price: $13 if you bring exact change, $15 if we have to break your bills. (Don’t ask lol)

..:: DJS ::..

Battery Leak – Psytrance
Andaaza – Psytrance (Suomisaundi)
TwarpD – Psytrance (Full on South African)
Psyonic – Psytrance
Audiobot – Glitch Hop
Sid Reflux – NRG/Electro
Dorian – Glitch hop
Detra_Mentl – Dubstep/Breaks
Papa Bear – House/Trance/progressive
Aeros – Psytrance (Full on)
Wrecktal Destruction – Happy Hardcore/UK Hardcore
Wobbly Static Rainbow – Experimental
hAmbOne – Drum and Bass (jump up)
Heretic – Dubstep
CJ.Hardy – House
Clinton! – Psytrance (Goa, Psychill, Darkpsy)