sean psyonic

In the late 90’s was when Psyonic heard EDM for the 1st time in his life. Coming from a punk and metal back ground this new thing that he had found was slowly becoming a large part of his life. Year after year of being in the “scene”, it started to become stale and boring. Until one day after getting an email about a small party somewhere in the North Carolina mountains. This turned out to be Psyonic’s 1st psychedelic trance party and the 1st T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi party. The feeling was over whelming , that “thing” that was lost was now re-found!

Shortly after that trance became is obsession, collecting all of the new found music as he could. Using knowledge from learning to produce and his passion to play this music for new family, Psyonic quickly caught on and was added to the T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi roster. Now with a decade of trance under his belt he has found his sound and producing his own music under the name Elis_Dee. He has released tracks with such acts like Shapestatic, Somarobotics, & Dark Energy. His sets and his music both are very intense and always stand out earing him the name, Psyonic!


Psyonic – Time Wave Zero by Psyonic


Treffen – (German) a meeting or gathering of people.

Treffen started djing as aeros in EBM/industrial events in northeast TN in 2004. His career was jump started when he became friends with End: the DJ (a world renowned industrial DJ) in late 2008. Shortly after this, he picked up his first out of state show (Assimilation in Tulsa, OK in May 2009). This was followed by shows in North Carolina, Florida, and Ohio going through late 2009. By the end of 2009 it was time for a change. Treffen didn’t want to stop being an active part of the underground music scene so he turned to another form of music that he had loved for many years, psytrance. His connections within the south eastern underground music scene allowed him to start picking up shows again. May 2010 saw him back out of state playing psytrance in Asheville, NC, home of T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi. Notable DJs/artists that treffen has played with include; End: the DJ, Plastic Disease, DJ S3rl, and Angels on Acid, and Battery Leak. He enjoys the full spectrum of psychedelic music and enjoys sharing it with crowds great and small. Showing no signs of slowing down, Treffen will be here to melt faces and expand minds one track at a time.

Sonicboom-treffen aeros-05-15-10 by Treffen


Andaaza – (Persian) word meaning conjecture, and from which the Hindi word muhandis, for Geometrician comes.

After Artur Jackson’s family outing to Portugal’s Boom festival in ’98 at the ripe young age of 12, he returned determined to recreate the transcendental alien sounds he heard there. From then on a psytrance devotee, he performed live under several names including Audica, which includes his most well know track “Stellar Tropics.” Now he returns weirder than ever with a reinvented style with spooky and rich Suomisaundi and Japanese influences as Andaaza!
Andaaza’s Website


From the mothership to earthen soil from the future with the expressed mission to diabolically stunt your ability to string together coherent sentences. Brad aka B-Rad (as his peers refer to him as), aka TwarpD comes to us and encourages all men, women, and children alike to “get silly” via hardnosed, speaker ripping, braincrushing, booty vibrating, consciousness expanding sounds from the underground world of the Electronic Dance community.With a sound that is furious and all his own he is quickly becoming a staple name in the state wide EDM movement. Blending high energy psy beats and dirty electro with untouchable set programming. So if you’re ever at a party and have one of those euphoric “What the fuck is this!!” experiences, chances are you’ve officially been TwarpD! Consider it a rite of passage into the netherworld, or a graduation of mind expanding proportions. Tranceheads and Ravers alike can attest.

TwarpD’s Psytopia Mix by TwarpD a.k.a The Twerp

Battery Leak

A friend of the Nerdy Psouth, Battery Leak will be performing Oct 16th in Tennessee.